Schoolwear Essentials

It’s natural to seek the least expensive option for essential items, but it’s worth considering whether buying cheap necessarily equates to value for money.

The knitwear, trousers, shirts and blouses we sell are, without doubt, more expensive than many of their supermarket equivalents (but often not by as much as you’d think!); however, we encourage parents to consider the cost-per-wear and durability of the uniform they are buying to decide if the low supermarket prices really do offer the best deal.

For some extra cost, our clothing comes with peace of mind: the promise that your child is wearing ethically-produced uniform, made without subjecting school-aged kids to child labour; the assurance that the durable, top-quality cloth and yarn will significantly outlive supermarket equivalents; and the comfort of knowing that our clothes are increasingly made from environmentally friendly eco-fabric.